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This is the infrared sensor view of the heat plume from a one-foot hight campfire several kilometers away. This campfire filled less than 1% of a single pixel and yet was immediately detected.

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Campfire (visual)

TIR thermal imaging
for fire detection

The Thermal Imaging Radiometer (TIR) is ideal for round-the-clock surveillance of fire hazard areas for early detection of potentially devastating fires. Because it requires no liquid nitrogen or refrigerator cooling, TIR can be tower-mounted in remote areas to monitor a 360° view of target terrain and spot tiny fires started from lightning strikes, downed powerlines, or human carelessness. These image can be downloaded and reviewed in real time by monitoring personnel.

In the same way it detects fires, TIR can be used to automatically detect human intruders or vehicles, boats, or aircraft at sensitive locations such as factories, military bases, harbors, and airfields.

The FireMapper 2.0 system can be used in the same way with even higher sensitivity, detecting fires at greater distances.

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