Space Instruments
The ERA measures the heat coming off the Earth at every angle to deliver a precise measure of the its total radiation.

Earth Radiation Array
imaging concept

The Earth radiation Array (ERA) is designed for high precision measurements of global warming. It measures the heat coming off the Earth at every angle and by summing up all of these angular components delivers a precise measure of the Earth's total radiation. This measurement is critical for global warming research.

The ERA uses an array of ultra sensitive dual cavity radiometers, developed and tested by Space Intruments. These dual-cavity radiometers are more than 1,000 times more sensitive that those flown on earlier satellites. These radiometers are self-calibrating and can be used individually for other high precision measurements or as laboratory standards.

The ERA was designed and a set of radiometers were fabricated and tested under a NASA contract. A U.S. patent has been awarded on the radiometers and their use in a digitally multiplexed array.

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