Space Instruments
OilMapper Specifications
Sensor Performance:
Baseline Spectral Band 8.0 to 12.5 µ
Image Resolution 320 x 240 pixels
Data Encoding 16 bits
Spatial resolution 3.85 mrad
FOV, crosstrack 63.3 degrees
Sensor Physical Parameters:
Weight 7 lbs.
Size 7"L x 7"W x 6"H
Power 10 watts

hardware system

The high-precision thermal infrared sensor on OilMapper is much lighter and less expensive than that of traditional infrared imaging systems that need to be cooled with liquid nitrogen. OilMapper utilizes a single uncooled microbolometer detecter array and operates without mechanical scanning, which lightens our unit to an easily transportable 7 pounds. No high speed scan mechanisms also means higher reliability, easier maintainability, and longer life.

The system is easy to operate and does not require a trained operator. All sensor controls and the realtime image are displayed on a small tablet PC. No keyboard, mouse or separate display are required. All data recording functions are selected by means of the large, easy-to-select screen buttons on the tablet display. The system records all images, with GPS time, latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, and track upon operator command. Zoom capability is also provided. Data can also be recorded directly onto the tablet drive.

A built in door protects the sensor from contamination when not imaging. The sensor features a through-the-lens, absolute calibration system and automatic drift correction to obtain stable, highly calibrated radiometric measurements.

OilMapper is capable of being upgraded to include a UV camera for ultra-sensitive imaging. The software operating system also lets the operator freeze any image for examination.

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