Space Instruments
Individual frames are orthorectified and pieced together in large mosaics utilizing hundreds of snapshots of the event. The infrared data is the calibrated to provide accurate color-coded temperature readings.
Data courtesy of BLM

Image Processing:
Seeing the whole picture

The first stage is iamge pre-processing. We (1) orthorectify the individual image frames, (2) mosaic all of the image frames together, and (3) calibrate the thermal image mosaic to temperature values (degrees Celsius).

In Step 1, individual image frames are georeferenced and terrain related distortions are corrected so accurate measurements are possible. Step 2 matches these hundreds of image frames into a single comprehensive picture of the disaster scene. Then in Step 3, thermal calibration enables temperature values to be directly extracted from the image mosaic.

Once the pre-processing is completed, a thermally calibrated mosaic map is created, complete with coordinates that can give emergency personnel a birds-eye view of the scene. Color coding of fires by temperature allows clear discrimination of the hottest parts of a fire. (Non-fire areas are transparent so background map information s not obscured.)

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