Space Instruments
High-resolution image of aircraft on tarmac at San Diego Airport from 2,000 feet.

for urban mapping

ForestMapper can be used to produce high resolution images of urban areas. Because no scanning is necessary, the entire image is captured at one time. Thus ForestMapper can deliver razor-sharp images with no degradation due to small pitch, roll and yaw motions of the the aircraft platform.

You have full control of the exposure times of both cameras and can adjust these as you view the images in real time to produce the optimum image exposures. You can also adjust the rate of taking images so as to produce the desired amount of image overlap between individual image frames. These features ensure that only high-quality images get recorded.

For special applications--such as detecting narcotic or weapons trafficing--either one or both of the cameras can be fitted with longer focal length lenses to produce higher resolution images. These lenses can easily be switched from flight to flight. The high sensitivity of the two cameras plus the ability to adjust the exposure times allows the system to be used from dawn to dusk for most applications.

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