Space Instruments
ForestMapper Specifications
Sensor Performance:
Baseline Spectral Bands
   Visible Band
   Near Infrared Band

615 to 685 nm
815 to 885 nm
Image Resolution 1528 x 1024 pixels
Data Encoding 10 bits
Spatial resolution 0.375 mrad
FOV, crosstrack 32.8 degrees
Sensor Physical Parameters:
Weight 16 lbs.
Size 6"L x 11.5"W x 10"H
Power 16 watts

High resolution, dual
camera image system

ForestMapper is a high-precision, airborne visible and near infrared imaging system with two Megaplus cameras. The two cameras can be triggered at selectable frame intervals down to 1.5 seconds to obtain the desired overlap or stereo photography in the flight direction. Camera exposure times are selected by the operator with the aid of simple pull down menus. The images from the cameras are displayed continuously in real time on the operator's monitor to allow optimum camera settings to be selected. An image zoom capability of 2, 4, 8, 16, or 32x is also available.

A 3-axis mount allows precision alignment of the two cameras in roll, pitch, and yaw directions. The operating system utilizes a rack mounted server computer with hard drives for data storage and a ten-foot connecting cable. The system records all images, with GPS latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, and heading. The system also allows playback of previously recorded image sequences for analysis. Spatial resolution, optical field of view, and spectral bands can be changed by the use of different optical lenses and spectral filters. ForestMapper is capable of being upgraded to include additional visible cameras and/or infrared sensors.

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