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FireMapper 2.0 thermal infrared image of small boat harbor at Oceanside, California.

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Thermal currents

FireMapper 2.0
for remote sensing

FireMapper 2.0 can be used for remote sensing applications such as mapping of:

  • ocean currents and warm water discharges from power plants to assess ecological impact on marine life in coastal areas
  • breaks in underground oil and gas pipelines
  • central urban heating system distribution networks to detect leaks
  • animal and marine life such as airborne surveys of elephant seals
  • electrical power grids and transformers to detect faulty transformers
  • disaster damage for ongoing monitoring

For remote sensing, FireMapper 2.0 uses its wideband channel setting for maximum sensitivity. The digital images can be downloaded in near real time and GPS data accompanies every image so they can be projected onto flat or 3D terrain maps or combined to create multi-image mosaics.

FireMapper 2.0's proprietary through-the-optics calibration system results in the type of high-resolution, high-sensitivity infrared images demonstrated at right.

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